The Benefits of Using a Log Splitter

Log Splitter

With today’s economic strain, the surging of your monthly utility bill and cost of gas can make a hole in your pocket. Some people opt to use a traditional means of supplying their houses with heat during the cold season; they use firewood instead of electricity and gas.

The use of firewood in keeping your hearth warm is cost-effective. Wood is a great deal cheaper compared to gas or electricity. Aside form being cost-effective, wood is an eco-friendly option because it is carbon-neutral. In fact, in New South Wales, the Government gives a 4.5 Star for wood heaters when it comes to Green House Gas Reduction.

If you use firewood to keep your home warm, you need a log splitter for chopping woods into even sizes.

There are different types of log splitters. The splitters vary according to sizes. Some splitters are just small enough for household use and some are big enough for industrial use. Log splitters may also vary according to the cuts they make. There are log splitters that cut wood horizontally and there are also some that make vertical cuts.

Advantages of using a log splitter

There are several advantages of using a log splitter. With this equipment one can actually chop firewood with ease. Electric log splitters can also save you time and energy. With an electric log splitter you can have the chopped firewood that you need in just a matter of a short period of time. And most of all, using a log splitter ensures your safety as you don’t have to use an axe or a blade in order to cut the wood into pieces.

Another great thing about log splitters is that they’re a more environment-friendly way to keep your home warm. If you have your own log splitter and you use it you won’t have to use gas. This reduces the amount of exhaust gas released into the atmosphere.

Buying your own log splitter

Before you hit the store, you have to be aware that there are several types of log splitters. There is the splitting maul. This one comes cheap; however, it requires your energy and extra precaution when you use it. Then there is the hand-pump hydraulic splitter. This is more manageable than the maul splitter but more expensive. The good thing about this splitter is you can bring it anywhere without much difficulty. The last type is the electric type. The electric log splitter is more convenient to use. However, it can’t be used in areas without electricity.

After you determine which type of splitter to use you have to shop around. You shouldn’t pay for the first item you stumble upon. It is important that you visit several stores and then compare the prices and the features of the log splitters in those stores.

A log splitter is a great investment. This is why you should make sure that you are going to buy only the most suitable one for your home.


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